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Created on 2014-06-07 20:36:39 (#2261853), last updated 2015-08-27 (112 weeks ago)

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Name:K├Ątzchen or Kitts
Birthdate:Mar 3
Hi. You can call me K├Ątzchen. Or Kitts. Either one works.

I'm trying to relearn who I am without having to try to save the world.

Interests (37):

a ghost in the system, bad religion, being a dork, being a geek, being a nerd, bucking the trends, canon can bite me, cheerleaders on drugs, cream-filled donuts, fleetwood mac, flying, freedom, fuck canon, ghosts, greenday, having my own space, high heels as weaponry, johnny cash, missing people like burning, nail polish, never staying still, not being perfect anymore, not depression, not guilt-trips, not living up to expectations, not mental bullshit, not your pretty girl, pineapple lifesavers, pizza, punk, rachael yamagata, rhinestones, running to forget, running to stand still, shadows, staying awake all night, traveling
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